A leading hedge fund, structured as a Limited Liability Partnership, uncovered evidence that a senior partner was preparing to leave the partnership and set up in competition along with junior members of his team. We advised the LLP on expulsion of the senior partner and successfully obtained injunctive relief and damages. We also recovered and secured the LLP’s confidential and proprietary information and prevented the senior partner from competing against the LLP.    

What happened?

The principal focus of the client’s business is trading financial instruments through a combination of traditional trading strategies and artificial intelligence.

As a market leader, its technology and trading strategies are core to its success.

The client uncovered information that a senior partner – working in cooperation with a number of junior employees – was preparing to leave the partnership and set up in competition. This involved attempts to appropriate confidential and proprietary information belonging to the LLP.

How did we help?

With the assistance of a digital forensic expert, we were able to assist our client to (i) safeguard its systems and (ii) identify and trace the misappropriation of confidential information.

We advised on the expulsion of the senior partner from the business, obtained damages and prevented the individual from competing.