Couples reunited

When Ana called us, she only had days to stay in the UK. Now, she – and her husband – are both here for good.


What happened?

Ana had been working for a company in the UK, who’d sponsored her visa. Then they made her redundant. Soon after, one of her family members fell gravely ill and she had to fly back home at short notice.

While she was gone, the Home Office sent an email saying her immigration status had changed, and she’d have to leave the UK in 60 days. But when she arrived at the airport, UK Immigration told her that because she’d already left the country, she wasn’t allowed back in. They gave her the weekend to sort out her affairs and go home for good.

How did we help?

First, we persuaded the Home Office to allow her to stay in the UK for the rest of her 60 days, not just the weekend. That gave us enough time to put in an application to have her status changed, with a new employer as her sponsor. With that settled, we were then able to apply for her husband to join her – and both are now on track for permanent residence.