CPD accreditation

We’re accredited by the CPD Standards Office as a registered provider. You can claim CPD hours for attending our seminars and training events.

What are CPD hours?

CPD hours, or CPD points, are required by a number of professional institutions. The majority of professional bodies and institutes generally require members to accrue of a set number of CPD hours through training, seminars and workshops, events and conferences, as well as other structured forms of CPD learning.

Points (and hours) are allocated according to the learning objectives achieved. As a general rule, one CPD point equals one CPD hour, but this may differ within different sectors.

Who can claim CPD hours?

If you’re a member of a professional institute, it’s likely you’ll be expected to undertake CPD. Our seminars and training courses are available to a number of professionals, especially working within the legal and HR sector, who are able to claim CPD hours through attending our events.

For example, the CIPD Royal Charter and professional standing states that CPD is a requirement for all CIPD members. For further information on CPD for CIPD members, please click here.

How do I claim CPD hours?

You as an individual have the responsibility to record your own CPD hours. As a CPD provider, we’ll state how many hours are available for each of our events and seminars.

If you would like any further information on CPD, please visit the CPD Certification Service website.