Crisis Decision Tool

If your organisation is facing financial difficulties and you’re looking for guidance on the options available, our tool can help.

Your charity, social enterprise, or not-for-profit may be thinking about options like collaboration, merger, cost-saving measures, income generation and more.

To find out what could work best for you, simply complete the questions below (high-level answers will be fine). We’ll provide you with a tailored guide, signposting to a range of options that should  be relevant to your organisation.

Crisis Decision Tool
If your organisation is facing financial difficulties and you’re unsure about your options, we’re here to help. Simply answer these questions to produce a free tailored report for your charity or social enterprise.
Question 1
In the next 12 months, do you expect that your organisation can pay its debts as they fall due:

  • Taking into account your organisation’s current cash flow forecast
  • Taking into account your organisation’s ability to use reserves
  • Without making significant changes to your organisation’s current operations?
Question 2
Do you expect that your organisation would be able to pay its debts as they fell due over the next 12 months if it could do any or a mixture of the following? Please select any that apply.
Question 3
Is there a significant prospect of your organisation having to cease operations within the next 24 months, for example if:

  • It suffers a sustained drop in income from trading activities
  • It suffers a sustained drop in income from fundraising
  • It loses significant funding from a source that is at risk and cannot be readily replaced
  • It loses access to working capital to support its trading operations
  • It fails to achieve results (with resulting loss of income) under payment by results contracts
  • A lender calls in a loan that your organisation would struggle to pay
  • It needs to pay a significant uninsured claim
  • For any other reason
Question 4
If your organisation had to cease operations rapidly, would it be able to meet both its current and its long term liabilities within 12 months of closure, taking account of:
  • Liabilities arising from closure, such as
    • Redundancy costs
    • Pension obligations under a defined benefit pension scheme
    • Payment of professional fees, such as for lawyers and accountants
  • Contract and grant obligations, including any requirement to return grant funding
  • Rent and service charge payments to the end of leases
  • Dilapidations and other lease liabilities
  • The ability to assign leases
  • Repayment of loans
  • Inability to release permanent endowment
  • Inability to obtain full value for assets on quick sale
  • Inability to apply restricted funds for general purposes
  • Contingent liabilities such as outstanding or pending claims against the organisation
  • Payment of tax liabilities
Question 5
Could your organisation’s purposes be achieved better, or could a better long term outcome for beneficiaries be achieved if:
  • Your organisation collaborated or joined forces with another similar organisation in the same or a similar field?
  • Another organisation could take over some or all of your organisation’s activities or assets and use them for the same or similar purposes?
Question 6
Might your organisation be interested in using any of the following options for increasing income, reducing costs, borrowing or seeking investment? Please tick any that apply