Management of the delivery of the tender contract is personally dealt with by our Partnership Executive Officer.

We were successful in our bid to offer you legal services in the following areas:-


Education and Student MattersConstitutional and Regulatory – Including Trusts and Charities

As part of our Framework Agreement with the LUPC, we have agreed to offer all or any of the following. BWB has a flexible but sophisticated management system which can be adapted to the needs of each LUPC client. In the tender, we were scored 19 out of 20 for this area. We will ensure you gain the cost and service benefits arising from the LUPC tender process.

File Management:

  • We will nominate a Client Partner who will act as the first point of contact for you, and will undertake co-ordination and management of all your requirements. The appointment of the Client Partner may change over time as your needs change.
  • Each assignment will have a Matter Partner, who will either undertake the work themselves, or supervise it.
  • Unless otherwise agreed by you, we will not initiate any work until we receive written agreement to the instruction from one of your nominated lead contacts.
  • We will exercise appropriate supervision and direction of all your assignments, and make sure the quality of the work is checked regularly by suitably experienced partners.

Contact details and Communication timelines:

The Matter Partner will communicate the details of any new instruction in writing to your lead contact(s) within five working days of receiving the request, including:-

  • A clear identification of your requirements in relation to the work to be undertaken
  • A clear explanation of the issues involved and the options available to you
  • The next steps to be taken to progress the assignment
  • The name and status/seniority of the person(s) that will undertake the assignment
  • The best information possible about the likely hours work required for the assignment ,and the fee estimate based on these hours, the status/seniority of the person(s) undertaking the assignmentDetails of planned timescales for completion of the assignment

In our client care letter, we will provide direct-dial office telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and mobile/Blackberry numbers for all those who will be responsible for dealing with your matter.

We will acknowledge or respond to all instances of written contact from your key contacts within two working days. Where a full response is not possible within this timescale, the acknowledgement will provide details of timescales for a full response to be provided.

We will respond to all telephone calls from your key contact(s) within seven working hours.

Management Information

We will keep you informed of the progress on your matters by submitting an electronic progress report every 2 weeks, including details of work completed, and time and costs incurred up to the day preceding the report.

We will supply you with monthly electronic reports by the 15th day of the following month, which contain the following information:

  • A record of the ordered services
  • A record of our invoices raised
  • A forecast of invoices likely to be raised over the following 3 months
  • Details of any sub-contractors used (such as Counsel)
  • Details of any complaints received from your institution

Existing third party arrangements:

Where you have existing third party arrangements for legal services. which you would like us to take over, we will undertake the initial reading in to the matter at our own expense.