Dispute Resolution Guides

We have prepared certain guides to assist clients in respect of certain aspects of dispute resolution/litigation, but please note that these guides are of a general nature and should not be relied upon in place of legal advice appropriate to specific circumstances.Guide to AdjudicationGuide to ArbitrationGuide to DisclosureGuide to EnforcementGuide to EvidenceGuide to Expert DeterminationGuide to Legal Costs, Litigation Funding and Security for CostsGuide to LitigationGuide to MediationGuide to Protecting Trustees against Liability for Legal Costs, Beddoe Orders & the role of the Charity CommissionGuide to Statements of TruthGuide to the Without Prejudice Rule and Part 36 OffersGuide to Obtaining Evidence in England and Wales for Use in Foreign ProceedingsGuide to our Supervising Solicitor ServicesBack to Dispute Resolution & Litigation