Environmental Policy Statement

Bates Wells is committed to acting in the public interest. We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and we consequently accept a responsibility to continually work to minimise that impact through the management of the way that we conduct our business.

Our strategy to achieve this is as follows:

  • Maintain an Environmental Management System meeting the international standard ISO 14001:2015.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint through the management of our energy and transport requirements.
  • To maintain our B Corp certification through each two year review, and improve our score where possible.
  • Promote efficient use of resources through the reduction of waste and promotion of recycling.
  • Reduce our environmental impact as much as possible within our supply chain.
  • Remain committed to continual improvement of our environmental management system and the prevention of pollution.
  • Learn, apply and promote environmental best practice through our association with the Legal Sustainability Alliance.
  • Meet and where possible exceed all the environmental legislation relevant to our business.
  • Encourage environmental responsibility by communicating this environmental policy statement to all clients, staff, parties working for or on behalf of BWB, and making it available to the public.
  • Continue to invest in our aim to move towards a paper-lite working environment.

Approved by:

Sally Procopis


On behalf of the Bates Wells Management Board

Date: 25 June 2019