Feed in Tariffs and Renewable Energy – how the Education sector can make energy and money

Organisations in the Education sector are under increasing pressure to both save money and reduce their carbon footprints.The Feed in Tariff is an incentive scheme, introduced in April 2010 to encourage investment in renewable technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines at a community/small scale.

Dates & Times

February 10, 2011 @ 12:00 am

This seminar looks at why organisations in the Education sector may want to consider investing in qualifying technology, howthey can,and how doing so could make financial sense.

Speakers: Julian Blake and Emily Unwin

Topics covered:
Regulatory Context - why energy and carbon are important;
How the Feed in Tariffs work;
Key dates;
What opportunities do Feed in Tariffs offer the Education Sector;
How can you structure the investment;
Raising finance.

For further information, or to book, please contact Mona Rahman by emailing [email protected] quoting reference "Feed In Tariffs". Alternatively, please follow the link below.