IP in the workplace: Protecting Your Assets – including a Website Case Study

BWB invites you to a seminar that explains how intellectual property rights arise in the workplace and how you can protect those rights and minimise the risk of IP claims against you:

Dates & Times

May 14, 2012 @ 12:00 am

Suitable for: CEOs, Finance Directors, senior HR and other staff

How copyright, database rights and other IP rights arise
Employees: identifying work owned by the employer, the employee and third parties
Techniques to ensure all relevant IP rights are acquired
Dealing with IP claims from employees and third parties
What can be claimed for IP breach: injunctions and damages
Website Case Study: website content including trade mark, branding, user-generated content and social media
Website terms and conditions and IP
This seminar will identify the various IP rights and look at what is protected and what is not. We will give guidance on the steps you can take to deal with common problems.