The challenges of Facebook – Handling inappropriate use of social media by students and regulated professionals

With people putting increasing amounts and types of information about themselves and their activities online and on social media sites, there are potentially signficant implications for people’s future careers. This seminar will discuss how ill advised postings about statuses and activities or the making of comments can either be avoided or ought to be approached, including:

Dates & Times

September 27, 2012 @ 12:00 am

- should students and regulated professionals be educated about the pitfalls of posting information online and on social media ?

-what are the legal parameters around use of this information by third parties ?

- can postings on social media be used as evidence in regulatory hearings or student disciplinaries ?

This seminar will be of interest to regulators, educational institutions and any other institution which has members or stakeholders.

8am: Registration, tea/coffee, breakfast

8.30am: Lucy McLynn on educating future employees and regulated professionals about the implications of information posted on social media . When can social media be used to discover information about prospective employees ?

8.50am: Selman Ansari on the role of social media in regulatory and disciplinary hearings. Can students and regulated professionals be judged on the basis of postings on social media?

9.10am: Discussion

9.30am: Close