The BWB Retail Mock Employment Tribunal

Experience the process without the pain!BWB is inviting retail managers and HR professionals to a bespoke event which will focus on employment law issues commonly encountered within the retail sector. The mock tribunal will explore a number of key employment law issues affecting retail businesses, including:

Dates & Times

June 24, 2013 @ 12:00 am

• Misconduct (relating to stock shrinkage and suspected theft)
• Sickness management (within the context of a disciplinary process)
• Lone working; and
• Allegations of discrimination.

What are the benefits of attending?

• The mock tribunal will be fully interactive. The attendees will be able to ask cross-examination questions and vote on what they think is the right result.
• By the end of the mock tribunal delegates will understand the importance the employment tribunal places on procedure and reasoned decision-making.
• The event will highlight the pitfalls in disciplinary/dismissal processes and provide guidance on best practice.
• Managers will understand why HR advocate the following of proper procedures and the need to properly manage staff.

Delegate Feedback

I was absolutely bowled over! It was so interesting and useful and professionally staged

It was interactive, so we all had the opportunity to ask questions

Very realistic and re-highlighted how complicated these situations can be

They also clearly stressed that it is YOUR responsibility as a manager to take charge of a situation and professionally manage your employees