Faith-based organisations breakfast seminar – Live governance issues

This practical session will explore the following issues for faith-based organisations:

Dates & Times

October 15, 2013 @ 12:00 am

• The role and responsibilities of trustees
• The role of the spiritual leader in governance – what is their role and how does it fit in with the role of trustees?
• Diversity - how can diversity in faith-based organisations enrich their governance? What can be done to attract diversity to the board and sustain it for high performance?
• Risk management - how can risks be identified and managed? Is this any different for faith-based organisations?
• Behavioural governance – what are the behaviours needed to strengthen governance? Where do codes of conduct fit into a behavioural governance framework? What can be done to address inappropriate behaviours?
• How should the values of faith-based organisations have an impact on their governance?
We are delighted to have as our speakers two well-known and experienced governance experts:

Lindsay Driscoll is a consultant in the Charity & Social Enterprise team of BWB and joined the firm following her five-year term at the Charity Commission as one of the Legal Commissioners. She is now chair of the steering group for the Code of Good Governance for the voluntary and community sector.

Tesse Akpeki is a consultant, trainer, facilitator, coach and CEDR accredited mediator. She was formerly head of governance and trustee services at NCVO and has worked extensively with third sector organisations nationally and internationally. Tesse specialises in governance development and leadership by working with boards, senior management teams and chief executives to strengthen their effectiveness and performance.


8:30-9:30am (with breakfast served from 8am)