Faith-based organisations breakfast seminar – Gift aid

BWB’s specialist tax consultant, Bill Lewis, will explore the following aspects of Gift Aid affecting faith-based charities:

Dates & Times

January 16, 2014 @ 12:00 am

  • The small donations scheme and “Gift Aid”

    - Explanation of the rules
    - How to expand the scheme to cover different centres/places of worship run by your organisation
    - Practical guidance

  • Donations following seminars, courses and services

    - How to structure arrangements so these can qualify for Gift Aid
    - Guidance on Gift Aid “bear traps” and pitfalls in this area and how to avoid them

  • Outside earnings of faith-based community members

    - Tax treatment of the earnings
    - Converting the earnings to donations eligible for Gift Aid


8.00am - breakfast and networking 
8.30am-9.30am - seminar