Equality Act Masterclass for Faith-based organisations

This half-day Masterclass is designed to provide delegates with a clear understanding of the law relating to the Equality Act 2010 and how it translates into day-to-day practice and procedure for faith-based organisations, both as employers and service providers.

Dates & Times

February 4, 2014 @ 12:00 am

The Equality Act 2010 is an extremely significant piece of legislation for faith-based organisations. Religion or belief is one of the nine “protected characteristics” covered by the Act and forms the basis of a number of exceptions to the general prohibition of discrimination.

Since the Act came into force, we have been asked to advise clients on a wide variety of employment and charity law issues, including:

• When is an occupational requirement for a post-holder to have a religion or belief likely to be lawful, and when should such a requirement be mentioned in the recruitment process?
• Is it discriminatory to treat an employee less favourably than others because they are perceived to be less committed to the shared faith of the organisation?
• What is an appropriate role for prayer in the workplace?
• How should the equal opportunities policy of a faith-based organisation deal with the issue of religious discrimination?
• Can a charity restrict provision of services or membership of the organisation to those who share a particular faith, or offer services on a preferential basis?
• What criteria must be met for charities to benefit from exemptions in the Equality Act which apply to religious organisations?
• Can a charity restrict who may use its premises to prevent premises being used by groups whose views conflict with its faith ethos?

This in-depth seminar is designed to provide delegates with a clear and practical understanding of the law and how it has evolved in practice in relation to faith-based organisations, including churches and other places of worship, charities, faith schools, colleges and universities and religious communities.

Delegates will participate in practical workshops with interactive case studies which will bridge the gap between theory and practice.


10am registration
10.30-1.30pm seminar
1.30-2pm lunch 


Thomas Cordrey, barrister at Devereux Chambers, will be joining us to speak on the recent approach of the courts in relation to religious rights and learning points for faith-based organisations. Thomas has extensive experience in the field of religious discrimination and human rights law, including its practical application through his involvement in such cases as McFarlane v Relate Avon Plc and Nadia Eweida v British Airways.

Why choose this course?

Delegates will receive:

• A detailed and practical explanation of the law for faith-based organisations
• Comprehensive notes and materials
• Case studies and model answers

Who should attend?

• HR managers and directors.
• Service Managers
• In-house counsel.
• CEOs and CFOs.
• Line managers and directors.
• Trustees and non-executive directors.

CPD points are available. 

Cost: £80 plus VAT 

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