Youth Services and Children’s Centres – Trash or Transform?

Within the sector, we all recognise the value that children’s centres and youth services can deliver as part of a successful early intervention agenda. But in a time of constricted budgets, evidencing this and continuing to ensure these are positioned appropriately within CYPS presents a challenge. Whether your authority is focused on minimising provision, outsourcing the service, or stopping it completely, a fresh look at the options for the future can help you to put the right foot forward.

Dates & Times

July 23, 2014 @ 12:00 am

BWB and Red Quadrant present a breakfast seminar which will help you do just that. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges, the options, and the best way forward for your authority.

Listen to leading thinkers in the CYPS field share their experiences, and take part in discussions between participants. You will leave us with a better understanding of what could be achieved in your local authority and the next steps you’ll need to take to get there.

Plenary 1: What are the challenges?

Led by the National Youth Agency and Action for Children, we will present the challenges – both nationally and locally – that these early intervention services currently face; namely:

  • How can we change the perception of these services?
  • Who are the ‘targeted’ families that services should be working with?
  • How should services engage different service users according to need?
  • How can teams work better together across CYPS and the wider council?
  • What role should the voluntary sector play?
  • How can outcomes and impact be qualified?

Plenary 2: What are the options?

Bates Wells Braithwaite - a leading law firm for charities and social enterprises in the UK – will identify potential ways forward. Drawing on the experiences of Dr. Margy Whalley, founding head of the pioneering Pen Green Centre for children and their families, this session will consider:

  • Outsourcing is not the only option – so what are the alternatives?
  • How can we develop collaborative relationships with other council services, providers, and VSOs?
  • How can community involvement drive models of delivery?
  • How might different models work in practice?

Plenary 3 and round table discussion: How can you determine the best options for your local authority?

We could talk forever about different models, but choosing the right one for your service is what matters. Drawing on her practical experience of commissioning the successful spin-out of an employee led mutual from a London local authority, RedQuadrant's consultant and commissioning expert Karen Tyerman will help you think about what the next steps are for your service.


Breakfast, 8am. Seminar 8.30-9.30am


This is a free event


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