Investing for impact: a portfolio-wide approach

This breakfast seminar will focus on how foundations can invest for impact across their whole portfolio. Delegates will hear from leading organisations about the new opportunities for mission-oriented organisations and individuals to align their investments around their mission.

Dates & Times

September 30, 2014 @ 12:00 am

With participation from Ben Goldsmith, Partner at WHEB, Luke Fletcher, Partner at Bates Wells Braithwaite, and three charitable foundation trustees: Anne Wade of FB Heron Foundation, Anne Tutt of The SIB Foundation and James Perry of Panhapur, the event will provide a forum for participants to learn about the impact of recent proposals from the Law Commission, as well as hear from and interact with practitioners at leading foundations.

Key topics will include: 

  • What do the Law Commission’s recent proposals say about the powers and duties of trustees and investment committees when investing for impact? 
  • To what extent are foundations already integrating impact investments into their portfolios?
  •  What examples are there of foundations that are investing for impact using their endowments and what has their experience been?
  •  What were the positive surprises and what were the pitfalls?
  •  What does the future hold for impact investing by foundations?

This seminar builds on two previous events convened by WHEB focusing on how foundations can maximise the positive impact of their operations in driving positive change through the capital markets. The previous two events focused on programmatic grant-giving and the role that asset managers can play in engaging with companies held in their portfolios. In this event The Global Impact Investing Network joins us to bring experiences from trustee members who have adopted a positive impact objective across the whole of their endowment.