Wired to Govern 2: Utilising social media for effective performance (22 Oct)

Good communication is crucial for optimal board effectiveness, the challenge however is communications technology is changing rapidly, with social media becoming an increasingly essential tool. What can your board do to keep pace and engage with new technologies? It is crucial for the modern board to keep abreast of rapid developments in this field. What are the lessons we can learn for sustainability and success? What challenges or opportunities does the digital age pose? How are our organisations collectively recognising the need to adjust to the realities of a faster moving world?

Dates & Times

October 22, 2014 @ 12:00 am

Onboard is bringing together a panel of experts to explore the various applications of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter Facebook, examining how you can integrate these technologies to your advantage. Discuss how a social media policy can help and what the contents of such a policy will be.

How can social media technologies help?

  • How are leaders (board members and staff) utilising LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google Hangout, Snap chat et al?
  • How do you stick to the 140 Twitter character limit and have impact?
  • Where does e-mail feature among the tools and approaches?
  • How have your habits changed and what adjustments should you be making?
  • What is the terminology associated with social media and what difference can a social media policy make?

“I went through the process of posting my profile on LinkedIn, but didn’t do much with the site. As time went on, more and more people sent me invites”. How can you make the most of LinkedIn?


Marta Maretich

Alex Swallow

With contributions from Jonathan Knight, Business Intelligence

Hosted by Tesse Apkeki, Consultant, Onboard


5pm: Registration
5.30pm: Seminar
7.30pm networking


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