Preparing for the Elections – Information for Trade Associations

Trade Associations that carry out any industry based campaigning around sector policies/legislation/funding etc. need to take particular care in the lead up to the general election 2015 to comply with relevant law and guidance. Expenditure in the regulated period on campaigning that is closely and publicly aligned to the policies of any party or group of candidates may be caught (for example the Electoral Commission recently took the view that CBI Scotland’s annual dinner constituted campaign spending). If so, registration with the Electoral Commission may be required, there are limits on what may be spent and failure to comply can lead to civil and criminal enforcement. Don’t be caught unawares!

Dates & Times

November 17, 2014 @ 12:00 am

Following the publication of the Electoral Commission’s guidance on 14th July and the commencement of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendum Act 2000 (‘PPERA’) on 19th September, we invite you to a seminar that will address some of the top-level issues that so-called ‘non-party campaigners’ should be aware of.


12.30    Registration and lunch  

13.00    Welcome/introduction (Melanie Carter, Partner)

13.05    PPERA (Simon Steeden, Partner / Melanie Carter, Partner) 

13.45    Defamation and communications (Rupert Earle, Partner)

14.00    Panel session Q&A (All)

14.30    End