Financial Reporting Requirements: Essential Financial Approaches for Boards

Many charity trustees believe that the finances of their charity are something they can leave to someone else to worry about – the treasurer, the finance director or the auditor. The reality is that each and every trustee is personally and severally responsible for ensuring the financial probity of their organisation – it’s not something you can delegate to someone else!

This two hour session will give trustees an outline of the key elements they need to understand and monitor. We will look at a basic set of charity accounts and learn how to unpick the key points. We will cover the essential elements of the Charities SORP. Restricted income and expenditure, recognising the costs of generating funds, restricted, designated and general reserves. We will also look at a balance sheet to understand how to interpret and challenge it. 

Come with those financial questions you have always wanted to ask. 


Jacqueline Williams, OnBoard Consultant


£60 (exc VAT)


5.00pm registration
5.30pm seminar
7.30pm networking
8.00pm close

This seminar will provide a basic overview of key financial approaches relevant for chairty boards. Those with pre-exisiting knowledge may wish to attend our Managing Finances seminar instead.