Property Kickstart: The way of the wayleaves, the Telecoms Code and the operators

Most landlords and tenants will, at some point, have either entered into agreements with telecoms operators to install a telecoms mast for mobile communications in return for an income or need to have data apparatus and cabling installed for their own use.

How this is dealt with can seriously impact on how successfully you occupy and operate your building and carry out your functions. We will help you to understand these issues and highlight what you can do to prevent a problem arising.

Why choose this course?

This talk will cover:

1. What to do when agreements with telecoms operators came to an end and operators assert their rights under the Telecommunications Code.

2. How to ensure you make the most out of your telecoms agreements and what to look out for when operators seek to share occupation and use of a mast or telecoms equipment.

3. How to deal with the demands of operators refusing to install new telecoms equipment and cabling or move servers and other equipment until a wayleave or licence agreement is completed.

Who should attend?

Landlords and tenants who are thinking of entering into, or already have, agreements with telecoms operators to install or maintain telecoms masts or equipment on or over their land.

Tenants (and their landlords) who are thinking of installing any new equipment in their premises, or removing old equipment, and therefore who may be required to enter into a wayleave agreement with the telecoms operator.


8.00am- Breakfast and registration 
8.30am- Seminar 
9.30am- Finish