Wired to Govern 2- Strengthening your governance using digital tools

This masterclass provides top tips for getting the most out of governance using social media tools. It will draw upon Onboard’s latest guide, Wired to Govern: A Trustee’s Handbook for the Digital Revolution.

Good communication is crucial for optimal board effectiveness. The reality is that communications technology is changing rapidly, with social media becoming an increasingly essential tool, yet over a quarter trustee boards think social media is unimportant. What can your board do to keep pace and engage with new technologies? What are the tips to bring them around.?
Onboard is bringing together a panel of experts to explore the various applications of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat etc How you can integrate these technologies to your advantage and make the most of the different communication platforms available.

In these difficult economic times, it is crucial for the modern board to keep abreast of rapid developments in this field. What are the lessons we can learn for sustainability and success in this fast changing environment? How can the board assess its performance using new technology? What challenges or opportunities does the digital age pose? How are our organisations and trustee boards collectively recognising the need to adjust to the realities of a faster moving world? We will look at a range of questions including…

• How can new online technologies help to enhance performance?
• Have can boards have an impact using these technologies?
• What is the place of mobile phone technology?
• Where does e-mail feature alongside these tools and approaches?
• Where does netiquette feature in this terrain?
• What is the terminology associated with social media.

“I went through the process of posting my profile on LinkedIn, but didn’t do much with the site. As time went on, more and more people sent me invites and I did not know what to do”. Wired to Govern 2 is a step by step guide to reach your destination in a digital era.


Tesse Akpeki (host)
Marta Maretich, Onboard Consultant
Vicky Browning, Director Charity Comms


5.00pm- Registration 
5.30pm- Seminar 
7.30pm- Networking


£60 (excl. VAT) 

This seminar is one half of our popular ‘Wired to Govern’ series. If you would like to attend both Wired to Govern seminars then we are happy to offer a £20 discount on the total price.