Brand name and trade mark disputes for charities – how to resolve them and how to avoid them

A charity’s identity is often one of its most valuable assets. A third party adopting a name or brand that’s too close to yours – deliberately or otherwise – can have serious repercussions. Business can be diverted, donations can be lost. An allegation that you have infringed a third party’s rights can also be extremely damaging.

Resolving brand name disputes is not always easy to do. This seminar considers a number of case studies using real-life stories to help illustrate how best to tackle these kinds of problems, and to explain some of the potential pitfalls.

Mathew Healey, BWB’s senior trade mark attorney, and Mindy Jhittay and Robert Oakley from BWB’s Dispute Resolution team, will provide practical guidance on the steps charities and social enterprises can take to help prevent disputes arising and to resolve them more effectively, including an overview of the basics of trade mark clearance and protection.

Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for marketing and branding, senior managers and in-house legal counsel, from both the commercial and voluntary sector.


5:00pm Registration

5:30pm Seminar

6:30pm Networking and drinks