The Anatomy of a Settlement

This free one hour seminar will provide a detailed examination of settlements and settlement agreements. From making an offer of termination to closing the deal, we will guide delegates through the nuts and bolts of agreeing terms of a settlement. Along the way, we will consider key issues such as injury to feelings payments, PILONs, tax efficiency, references and announcements.

Why choose this seminar?

Delegates will receive:

  • A practical account of the law
  • Guidance on how to pitch offers and manage settlement negotiations
  • An explanation of useful negotiation tactics and levers
  • An overview of the reasons behind and uses for key settlement agreement clauses

Who should attend?

Aimed at HR professionals, in-house counsel and experienced managers, this seminar will assist those with a basic to intermediate level of knowledge.


8:00am breakfast and registration

8:30am seminar

9:30am finish


This is a free seminar