Employment Workshop: Pre-employment and right to work checks

Pre-employment checks are a vital part of an employer’s recruitment process. Employers must conduct all necessary checks appropriately, to ensure that they make the right recruitment decision and comply with any governing legal requirements.

Immigration compliance in particular has become increasingly burdensome on employers. Employers are increasingly tasked with ‘policing’ immigration, and it is therefore now even more important for employers to undertake the right to work checks for employees.

This two hour seminar will focus on when and how to make pre-employment checks (including criminal records, reference and health checks, as well social media screening), and what employers can and cannot do with the information revealed. The seminar will also focus in detail on the pre-employment right to work checks, the follow up checks and the best practice for conducting the checks.

This seminar will cover:

  • When and how should pre-employment checks be done?
  • What can be done with the information revealed?
  • What are the pre-employment right to work checks?
  • When are follow up right to work checks required?
  • How to conduct the right to work checks?
  • What are the repercussions for failure to conduct the right to work checks?

Why choose this course?

Delegates will recieve:

  • An explanation of when and how to conduct pre-employment checks
  • Comprehensive notes and materials
  • Guidance on what employers can and cannot do with the information revealed
  • A detailed and practical explanation of the right to work checks
  • Comprehensive notes and materials
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to conduct the right to work checks
  • Top tips on conducting the right to work checks

Who should attend?

  • HR managers and directors
  • In-house legal counsel
  • Line managers and directors
  • Internal audit/compliance teams
  • Other position holders with responsibility for immigration matters


3:30pm registration

4:00pm seminar

6:00pm finish and networking


£75 (excl. VAT)