Crisis Communications for Faith Based Organisations

BWB is delighted to announce a special PR and media training seminar specifically tailored to help our faith-based clients with their reputation management and external communications practices. The seminar is jointly hosted by faith-based PR specialist, and director of Jersey Road Limited, Gareth Russell; and BWB defamation expert Ross Allan.

The session will guide you through how best to respond to a crisis, from managing your PR response, to understanding the legal issues behind defamation.

Why choose this seminar?

Gareth Russell will be covering:

  • Understand the basics how to plan an effective and robust crisis communications strategy and internal organisational processes
  • Learn how to identify and address the crises or issues your organisation may face
  • Learn how to turn a potential crisis into an opportunity
  • Understand how to handle the media, staff and supporters in a crisis; techniques and tools.

Ross Allan will be covering:

  • Understand the principles of defamation and the changes brought about by the Defamation Act 2013
  • Learn how to recognise legal risks and minimise them without diluting your message
  • Learn how to respond to a defamation claim and how to minimise any potential harm to your organisation