General election 2017 – legal briefing for charities and campaigning organisations

Following Theresa May’s announcement of a General Election on 8 June, many charities and campaigning organisations will be wondering what the implications will be for their plans, and how they might use the election to progress their agenda whilst complying with relevant regulation. Today’s news that Greenpeace is to be fined £30,000 by the Electoral Commission further throws campaigning under the spotlight.

Join BWB partners Simon Steeden and Rosamund McCarthy on Tuesday 25 April for a seminar on how the election might affect your organisation, including:

  • Charity law and regulation, taking account of Charity Commission regulatory action during the 2015 General Election campaign
  • Regulation of campaign spending under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, as amended by the controversial 'Lobbying Act'
  • Constituency level campaigning under PPERA and the Representation of the People Act 1983
  • The impact of rules applying to coordinated campaigning activity between different organisations
  • The interaction of rules relating to the General Election with those applying to the 4 May local and mayoral elections.

Simon and Rosamund are partners in BWB's charity and social enterprise department, and joint leaders of its elections, politics and campaigning group. As the only law firm rated in the top tier by Legal 500 for both charity and election law, BWB is uniquely well placed to help your organisation navigate this regulatory minefield.