Faith and Social Innovation – A discussion with Paul Bickley, Director of Political Programme at Theos

Join BWB’s Faith-Based Organisations group for a topical discussion on the relationship of faith and social innovation with Paul Bickley, Director of Political Programme at the religion and public life think tank Theos.

We are living through a period of rapid social, demographic, technological, religious and economic change. The church and other faith groups often seem to be fighting a rearguard battle and are rarely perceived to be decidedly on the front foot.

But is it possible that these changes present new and emerging opportunities for the church and other faith communities to serve the common good and provide faithful witness? How is it possible for religious institutions to get ahead of the curve?

In 'Doing Good Better: The Case for Faith Based Social Innovation', Paul Bickley looks at concrete examples of faith-based social innovation and asks what can be learnt from these examples and the entrepreneurs behind them. He argues that innovation depends on having the right kind of ‘engines’ – institutions which prioritise and incubate innovation, ‘fuel’ – funding which will scale and support innovation, and ‘drivers’ – social entrepreneurs that can lead innovation.

Can the religious world and its people support these dynamics? What social innovation is already happening in the church? Is the church able to incubate innovation and, if so, how?

Paul will present his findings, share insights in conversation with BWB’s Luke Fletcher, and take questions from an audience of faith based entrepreneurs, innovators and funders.


8:00am Registration and breakfast

8:30am - 9:30am Seminar