Caritas Conference 2017 – Mission in an Age of Austerity

WB’s Faith-Based Organisations team will be speaking at the Caritas Conference 2017, a day of interactive workshops and presentations for Catholic charities working in and supporting social action.

Dates & Times

September 29, 2017 @ 12:00 am

The BWB team will be running two interactive workshops on Legal challenges for faith-based charities. Lucy McLynn (partner and head of Employment) will examine issues around recruitment and occupational requirements; and along with Leona Roche (senior associate and joint head of Faith-Based Organisations), will look at raising funding for faith-based projects.

Keynote speakers include Baroness Shirley Williams, Paul Hackwood (Church Urban Fund) and Debbie James (Church Mission Society).

The event will take place at CCLA, 85 Queen Victorica Street, London, EC4V 4ET.

For the full agenda and to purchase tickets, please visit or click here.