Applying the new Charity Governance Code

A new Governance Code has been published and charities are expected to either apply or explain non-compliance. In particular, Boards are expected to review their own performance annually with an external evaluation every three years.

Seven Principles make up the Charity Governance Code. Each principle sets out the rationale, key outcomes and recommended practice, including limits on overall trustee terms. This overview is ideal for trustees and staff who want a good understanding of the Code and how it applies to their current governance practices.

Participants will be able to develop an updated framework for their governance. In addition they will be able to consider how the Charity Governance Code can be used to enhance their governance practices. Staff will be in a strong position to support the board in adopting the Code and to strengthen board competences. The board will have a clearer sense of what steps to take.

What you will gain by attending this overview?

  • An awareness of the principles of the Charity Governance Code: and what you need to know.
  • Reflections on how you are complying with the Code – tips on implementing the new code.
  • Strategies for developing your governance action plan – how does the Charity Governance Code fit with your governance practices? What needs to happen to support compliance with the Code?
  • Exploring strategies for healthy governance and actions you can take as a result of applying the Code


8:30am Registration and breakfast

9:00am - 10:30am Seminar