Onboard Soft Skills Training – Vital Facilitation

We will be running this event again on 8 November

Dates & Times

September 6, 2018 @ 12:00 am

Groups are deliberately kept small to encourage interaction, sharing and learning. Each session will draw on a strong evidence base while kept very practical.

One day session
Great conversations and exchanges lead to better outcomes and sustainable results. How can you help boards leadership teams, management teams, working groups, task forces or advisory boards become more effective? How can you help participants to have conversations that matter?
Facilitative skills are increasingly becoming a core competency for leaders, managers, consultants, coaches, trainers and others who work with groups. It is not just for facilitators anymore. Basic facilitation will put the spotlight on essential facilitation techniques.

Effective Facilitation: Level 1 (Facilitation 101) As an introductory course, Essential Facilitation assumes no knowledge. Participant will start from the basics and be introduced to facilitation habits. There will be opportunities to apply facilitative approaches. Attendees will benefit from submitting the pre-session facilitation questionnaire as part of the preparation for the day.

  • The role and core competencies of an effective facilitator
  • The different perspectives of a facilitator – differentiating facilitation from consulting, training, coaching & counselling.
  • The role of tasks of a facilitator
  • Trusting the process, trusting the room
  • Approaches to facilitation
  • Different types and styles of facilitation
  • Questioning techniques & meetings skills – applying meeting leadership.

What can be achieved by attending Facilitation 101

Getting the best out of applying facilitation techniques and approaches.

  • Learning the basics of facilitation practices and using these practices and shaping facilitation practices
  • Engaging in views that are different from your own
  • Using a facilitative approach to meet new audiences’.
  • Adopting a range of facilitation techniques
  • Designing your own facilitation tool kit

Approach: the session will be a mix of presentation, practical exercises and working in groups. Participants will have the opportunity to put their learning into action through participation in meeting scenarios and peer-to-peer sharing.

Guest Speaker: Our guest speaker will share a case study which will bring the facilitation techniques to life and enable the discussion relating to group dynamics and practices. 

What will be focused on:

  • Encouraging healthy debate.
  • Addressing conflict and tensions.
  • Enabling conversations and encouraging participation.
  • Adopting an empowering and facilitative style and tone.
  • Shaping a positive culture.
  • Recognising and embracing group dynamics

Target audience:

This event would be useful for CEO’s, Chairs, Trustees, Governance advisors or any individual who works with governing boards.