Employment Workshop 2019: Who’s in charge of your charity? The relationship between the Board and the Senior Executive/s

The Charity Governance Code is designed to support continuous improvement. The Code recommends that every charity provides strategic leadership. Sustainable practices include ensuring appropriate structures, processes and a productive culture for trustees and senior staff to govern their charity, proper arrangements for appointments, supervision, support, appraisal, remuneration and if necessary, dismissal.

This seminar will cover the following issues:

  • The respective roles and responsibilities of the Chief Executive/Senior Executive team and Chair/Board
  • The legal framework in stet which these relationships operate
  • The Charity Governance Code and its relevance to employment practices
  • The potential problem areas and approaches to handling them

Why choose this course?

  • To gain practical insights into how to foster a strong relationship between the Board and Senior Executive team
  • To explore scenarios around common disputes between the Board and the Chief Executive/Senior Executive team
  • To develop methods to address – and avoid – areas of conflict

Who should attend?

  • Trustees
  • Chief Executives
  • Executive Directors
  • Company Secretaries


3:30pm Registration

4:00pm Workshop

6:00pm Finish