Going for Gold: Governing Effectively in Uncertain Times

Thriving in uncertain times: Competence, confidence, transparency and trust are essential in strengthening governance. How is your organisation faring in implementing the Charity Code of Governance? What is working? What could be done better or differently? What lessons are you learning? We are creating an opportunity to hear and share with others within a learning environment.

Good to Great Governance – Great Governance is critical for your organisation’s success. Hear about learning from the Bond International Awards 2019. The International Development Sector is facing insistent doubts and questions from the public, there is a scarcity of resources and an unpredictable political landscape. This space is a chance to take a moment to collective appreciate the positive difference leadership and governance can make to deliver impact and applaud life changing work in eradicating global poverty, inequality and injustice.

Understanding and implementing the NETpositive Governance Model.

Good governance ensures the best possible processes for making and implementing decisions. NETpositive governance goes further by fundamentally enhancing the positive impact of your organisation. Explore what it means to develop and deliver a model of governance that not only protects your organisation in these challenging times, but also demonstrates the value your organisation adds to broader society (Andrew Chamberlain and Jimmy Brannigan).

Diversity matters. What elements are vital for success? What diversity and Inclusion policies do boards and staff actually want? Hear about the latest thinking in implementing diversity and inclusion strategies that make a real difference. How can an organisation make better decisions by utilising a growth mindset? The strength of behavioural diversity on boards. What difference do a range of personality styles and approaches make? Be introduced to C-Me profiling and the user friendly framework to enhance communication, connection and engagement. 

Guest Contributors: Andrew Chamberlain, Managing Director, Consort Strategy; Jimmy Brannighan, Managing Director, NETpositive Futures and Lena Bheeroo, Events and Programme Manager, Bond. 


3:00pm: Registration
3:30pm: Seminar (Part 1)
4:45pm: Break
5:00pm: Seminar Part 2
6:00pm: Wrap Up (followed by an opportunity to network)