Breakfast Serial 2019: Essential charity law

A repeat from last year, this year’s Bates Wells Breakfast Serial will distil the expertise of our sector-leading charity lawyers into eleven bitesize seminars, which topics include:

  • Essential Charity Law
  • Essential Data Protection
  • Essential Safeguarding
  • Essential Property
  • Essential Intellectual Property
  • Essential Fundraising
  • Essential Employment
  • Introduction to Regulatory Requirements
  • Charities Working Together
  • Essential Contract Law and Grants
  • Essential Competition Law

Whether you’re representing a new charity or are simply in need of a refresher, these free sessions will provide knowledge and clarity on all of your key issues.

The first session will cover the following essential points of Charity Law:

  • What is a charity?
  • The requirement to deliver public benefit
  • A comparison of different legal structures for charities
  • The role of the Charity Commission
  • Duties of trustees
  • Activities charities need to be particularly careful about


8:00am Registration 

8:30am - 9:30am Seminar