Bespoke Courses for Fundraisers

BWB has the largest team of lawyers in the UK specialising in advice to charities. The Fundraising and the Law courses are modular allowing you and us to ensure that our courses are perfectly suited to your organisation's needs. We are also very happy to discuss any specific changes within modules.

Course Options

  1. Introduction to Charity Law
  2. What is a charity, fundraising and trust law.
  3. Fundraising, trading, tax and VAT
  4. Use of a trading company; corporation tax; VAT; with short case study
  5. Commercial Participators and Professional Fundraisers
  6. Introduction to the rules on commercial participators and professional fundraisers with short case study (not tax and VAT)
  7. Cause related marketing
  8. Tax and VAT
  9. Sponsorship and case study
  10. What is sponsorship, tax and VAT?
  11. Charity of the year and employee fundraising case study
  12. Introduction to intellectual property
  13. Copyright, trademarks and other rights
  14. Lotteries, Prize Draws and Competitions
  15. Data Protection
  16. Contract negotiation
  17. Public collections

We deliver various modules from the above list from time to time with the Institute of Fundraising. We also regularly provide tailored versions of it to different clients and organisations.

For more information, contact Lawrie Simanowitz or Victoria Schneider:

Tel: 020 7551 7777