Impact is the intended (and unintended) outcomes of an organisation’s work. Our focus is to help clients achieve a positive impact on society through their activities.

We work with organisations whose primary purpose is to create a better society – such as charities, social enterprise, foundations and trusts, government, through to private sector organisations who recognise their work also creates an impact on society but would like to take a more deliberate and strategic approach to managing it. Achieving impact demands attention at a number of levels and we work across each of these.

Strategy: We support organisations to identify and formulate their social impact strategy. We also develop socio-economic models to describe the effect and cost of specific social challenges on society - these can play an essential role in developing a social impact strategy as well as catalyse a strategic response from critical stakeholders, a number of our reports have contributed towards policy change and service contract renewal. We recently worked with Re-Solv to produce the first models showing the costs and impact of solvent abuse.

Delivery level: Social strategy needs to be enabled through operational delivery. We enable organisations to connect their social strategy to their activities on the ground – including developing theories of change.

Management and performance: Keeping track of your social performance is vital in order to continually improve your operations and activities. We develop and build practical social impact measurement frameworks. The team are also skilled in conducting social impact evaluations of services which can evidence effectiveness as well as point to areas for growth and improvement. We are currently working with Cordant to help them formulate their social impact strategy and build a bespoke measurement framework.

Scrutiny and governance: Reporting on impact has never been more important. We work with organisations to identify key stakeholders, as well as providing an independent view of your social impact measurement and report systems to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

Service Lines

Impact strategy development, impact measurement frameworks, social impact evaluation, socio-economic models, theory of change development, social research, impact auditing and review.