BWB's Luke Fletcher is interviewed by LinkedIn feature writer Samir Goel on his perspective on the innovative legal field.

In the interview, Luke defines the role of the lawyer today, stating that "law is normative. It shapes behavior. It shapes the way we think. I think the impact of law is very often underestimated. We end up operating a certain way based on custom and practice, and it becomes our world. We find it hard to imagine something else."

Luke goes on to acknowledge the 'real-life' world of law, which is a far distance cry from the images we've conceptualised form the media, commenting that "There are many misconceptions about law. Firstly it’s not like Suits, we don’t swan around from meeting to meeting... sadly. A lot more of it is reading documents, truthfully. There are plenty of those cultural misconceptions but the thing I’d identify more strongly is that people find it hard to trust their legal advisors."

The picture Luke paints is clear: the legal profession presents a global opportunity to re-build systems, but only if we allow the profession to be released from the parameters we've set around the role of law and lawyers in society.

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Posted on 30/08/2017 in BWB In The Media

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