P2P Finance News has drawn on the expertise of Dena Chadderton, Senior Advisor in BWB Compliance, for a piece focusing on the impact of platform insolvency on the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) market.

Referring to last year’s collapse of Collateral and how it emphasises the need for platforms to have an effective wind-down plan, Dena set out what the FCA expects platforms to put in place to ensure an orderly insolvency process.

Aside from describing the FCA’s four specific requirements, Dena also commented on the possible effects of P2P platform insolvency on market confidence. She explains that “another high-profile insolvency could certainly affect confidence, but the circumstances around the insolvency will affect the degree, if any, to which this confidence is dented. If customers see signs that the management of a loanbook can continue successfully, even with the insolvency of the original P2P firm, this could improve confidence in the sector.”

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Posted on 21/03/2019 in BWB In The Media

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