Second year trainees        

Charlotte Blackbourn

Andrew Wheelhouse

Melvyna Mumunie

Rebecca Bruce


 Louisa Coward


 Alicia Spinks


First year trainees


 Barbara Eze



Edward Slegg



Eloise Pollard


Francesca Gage



Megan Vick


Natalie Ali

Top 10 tips from our Trainees

1. Give them a sense of why you’ve specifically chosen BWB – not that it’s just one of 40 applications you’ve submitted. Communicate that, as well as a genuine interest in BWB’s clients.

2. The firm puts a premium on having a rounded character. Having some sort of real business experience or experience in the ‘Third Sector’ would be a good asset.

3. Have a genuine commitment to politics with a little ‘p’– know what’s going on in the world.

4. Get involved, be proactive. Do something a little out of the ordinary rather than taking the straight path. Be someone that wants to do something and change something.

5. Be confident of your skills and what you can offer BWB, as well as willing to learn.

6. Have a sense of humour – being a charity lawyer is very different to being a contentious lawyer.

7. Be honest in the application process. No one wants to hear about how 'being too committed' is your biggest fault.

8. Be willing to work outside of law for a bit. Commercial experience is invaluable and sets you apart from other candidates.

9. Don't pass up the chance to ask the interview panel a question or two about themselves and the firm. If anything, it gives you a break!

10. Learn how to bake for the annual BWB baking competition.