Insights and commentary by Philip Kirkpatrick, Head of Charity & Social Enterprise at Bates Wells, on the future of charity governance have been covered by Third Sector.

Speaking in a personal capacity at the University of Liverpool’s London campus, Philip said that the governance model for large charities is “not fit for purpose” and proposed a “model of ‘assured unitary governance’ that would help large, complex charities meet the demands on them from regulators and the public”.

Expanding on this theme Kirkpatrick said: “No one can look at what is demanded of part-time, unpaid, non-executive trustees of complex operational charities and say it is fair or appropriate that those trustees are held to account for everything the charity does. It is time to recognise realities and offer a new model. The assured unitary governance model offers a fairer and more realistic approach to governance. I hope it sparks a wider, honest debate about the realities and about public and regulatory expectations of charity trustees.

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