With one year now having passed since the Charity Commission published its long-awaited strategy, Rosamund McCarthy offered her views on its consequences since launch.

Pointing to the difficulties currently involved in registering new charities, Rosamund says that “at a strategic level the Commission does not appear to sufficiently prioritise registering charities”. She goes on to explain how “we are finding that the average time to process a charity application is around six months (it used to be more like three months), with some taking considerably longer.”

In strident commentary Rosamund also asks questions the wider cost of this problem for this sector, asking “in terms of the delays in charity registration, has the Commission calculated the loss of gift aid to the sector, as well as the loss of public trust and accountability?”. You can read more of Rosamund’s thoughts on this topic, in addition to other views from across the charities sector, here.