Bates Wells Braithwaite is proud to be the first UK law firm to achieve B Corporation certification.

What is a B Corp?

Certified B Corporations are profit-making, purpose-driven organisations unified by one goal - to redefine success in business. The movement began in America and now numbers over 1400 businesses in over 40 countries, including household names like Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia. B Corps launched formally in the UK in September 2015 - click here to view the video.

B Corporations are certified by B Lab, a not for profit organisation. To become a B corporation one has to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. To learn more, please visit

Our B Corp journey

Becoming a certified B Corp is a natural fit for our firm. 

A commitment to justice and the public interest has always been at the core of BWB. Our founding principles have always reflected our wish and commitment to run a successful commercial business as well as a socially responsible one. What BWB has perceived as success in business has never been solely based on profit making. Our firm places a high value on advising businesses that create social value, as well as public interest organisations. We have done so since the firm was founded in 1970.

Becoming a certified B Corp has provided us with a framework that challenges us to further implement and apply our founding principles into a fast changing world. It has also provided us with the opportunity to become part of an innovative movement where we can join others with whom we share similar commitments. 

To achieve certification, we had to go through a rigorous, externally-audited assessment which examined the impact BWB makes on its environment, the community and on our people. Our final score was based on factors such as the thousands of charities and social enterprises we have assisted and advised through our knowledge and experience of the third sector, the high proportion of pro bono work our solicitors undertake, our status as a Living Wage employer, our ISO 14001 certification for our environment management system and our good employment practices.

To maintain our status as a B Corp, a re-assessment will take place every two years. We have set ourselves on a journey with B Corp  to continually find ways to improve our performance.

What our B Corp status means for our clients

An increased commitment to transparency and accountability is a key part of our B Corp road map. We value an open dialogue with all of our clients at every stage of the service we provide. We welcome any feedback from you as to how we can serve you better.

BWB and the B Corporations of the future

Our firm played a significant role in advising on the establishment of B Corporations in the UK and is now in an excellent position to advise clients on the technicalities of passing the legal test to certify as a B Corp, as well as sharing first-hand insight and experience of the process. To find out more about our team of B Corp experts and the advice they offer, please click here.