Our values

Our values are important to us, they shape our decisions and our working life. They fall under three broad categories:

We’re people people

We are a team of individuals

We enjoy working with smart, passionate, versatile colleagues. We embrace individuality and to have the freedom to explore our own talents and interests.

We are generous with our time and support

Every door is open at Bates Wells. We challenge and develop each other’s ideas while building partnerships with clients and communities.

We see the person, not the title

We genuinely care about one another and understand that a full life makes people more effective.

We walk the walk

We live by our principles

We believe that actions speak louder than words. So we strive to do the right thing and make a positive impact on our clients, our people and society.

We believe in our work, and each other

So we are deeply committed, driven, tenacious, vocal and resourceful. We aim to deliver to the highest quality standards.

We go above and beyond the role of a normal firm

We don’t just answer the questions we’re asked. We seek out opportunities to seize the initiative and champion better outcomes.

We face forward

We are optimists

We balance idealism and pragmatism to make real changes in the present that deliver positive impact in the future.

We are curious and ingenious

We bring intellectual agility, creativity and an open mind to every challenge.

We don’t wait around for someone else to change the world

We challenge conventional wisdom, spot gaps and are willing to take risks. If the most effective solution is to invent something new, we do it.