Jake leads on project and client support and he is often the first person in the team that clients will speak with. He is responsible for the team’s management information, including compliance, client take-on, financial tracking, as well as supporting with the production of client reports.

Jake has a keen interest in society and the social good sector – in particular the benefits of sports and leisure. He is currently training to become an analyst in the team, and is undertaking a degree in International Studies with the Open University. So far, what has really peaked his interest are development models and the relationship between poverty and inequality.


Jake’s projects to date have been predominantly for charity clients; from small local charities to large national ones. He has conducted research into the cost to society of substance misuse, studied company accounts within a sector in relation to regulations changes and examined the effect of those changes and aided in the running of a high level strategy workshop for a market-leading firm wanting to change their approach to reporting and problem solving.

Jake joined the Advisory & Impact team in 2015; his previous roles at the firm were as a member of the Facilities Admin department and as a Legal Admin within the Charity and Social Enterprise team, this experience is particularly useful for joint working with our legal colleagues.

Recent Work

In addition to his internal tasks Jake has taken part in a range of client projects including:

  • A financial review and analysis of multiple company accounts for a national debt charity to establish whether regulation changes in the industry were having an adverse effect on people in debt, alongside project lead Sarah.
  • Coordination and organisation of a large multi-faceted project run in conjunction between Advisory & Impact and the BWB Charity and Social Enterprise department.
  • Conducting research towards an impact report for Re-Solv, a solvent abuse charity, into the effects of solvents on the lives of the users and on wider society.
  • Contributing to an options appraisal report for a local park-running charity, centred around improving leisure facilities for the community with a view to raising investment for development.
  • Conducting initial research into clients when we first come into contact.

Qualifications/Outside of Work

In addition to working towards his degree, Jake also enjoys playing football and going to the gym and then making up for it by satisfying his sweet tooth.