I joined the Advisory & Impact team in 2015 and became an Analyst in 2018. I joined Bates Wells from school and my previous roles at the firm were as a member of the Facilities Admin department and as a Legal Admin within the Charity and Social Enterprise team. This experience which has been particularly useful for joint working with our legal colleagues.


I have worked across each of Advisory & Impact’s practice areas, including fundraising, strategy and I am currently particularly interested in our impact and social impact work.

Since Bates Wells has become a B Corp I have enjoyed getting involved in the various B Lab events and I’ve become interested in finding ways for us to work with business in the for-purpose area.


  • I assisted with the production of a social impact report for Special Educational Needs & Disability residential centre.

    Local Authority funding cuts were making securing funding for their students become increasingly challenging. By helping them measure and quantify the impact of their provision they are now able to demonstrate this to funding panels and to potential students and their families.

  • I worked with a client in the retail centre industry to help them to realise and communicate the impact of a new centre to the local community.

    We did this through creating a Theory of Change for the centre’s activities and designing process diagrams for use in a public consultation event.

  • I assisted with the creation of an investment flyer for a client in the energy sector seeking start-up investment.
  • I conducted research towards an impact report for Re-Solv, a solvent abuse charity, into the effects of solvents on the lives of the users and on wider society.
  • I contributed to an options appraisal report for a local park-running charity, centred around improving leisure facilities for the community with a view to raising investment for development.

Qualifications and career

  • Outside of work I am studying for a degree in International Studies with the Open University. When I’m not studying I’m usually playing football, in the gym or eating (most likely cake)!