I have wide-ranging experience of public and regulatory law. I have worked with a diverse range of clients including public and private sector bodies, charities and individuals.

  • I represented two NHS bodies in separate judicial review claims before the High Court.
  • I defended 10 contracting authorities in a claim against a combined public procurement exercise run by them.
  • I assisted with the transfer of functions from one statutory regulator to a new statutory regulator, including advising on the new legislation.
  • I represented a public body in a First Tier Tribunal (Health, Education and Social Care Chamber) case.
  • I’ve advised a charity in relation to a potential investigation by the Charity Commission.
  • I assisted clients to respond to Freedom of Information requests.
  • I have advised a disabled claimant on an equality claim in the High Court.
  • I represented a public body in an independent review of the role its activities played in a public scandal.
  • I advised on the application of the public sector equality duty in the health context.
  • I assisted a public body to draft its constitution.
  • I have challenged a procurement exercise run by a public body.
  • I advised a public body on the closure of a service.
  • I assisted a public body to understand the application of an EU freedom of movement directive to its activities.
  • I have represented a public body in a judicial review of a statutory consultation exercise run by it.
  • I have given training clients on the new General Data Protection Regulation.
  • I represented the claimants in an appeal of a judicial review claim in the Supreme Court.