Zein is an Analyst within the Advisory and Impact department, He works with public, private and not for profit organisations to help them achieve their goals - from financial sustainability to increasing their impact on society. Zein particularly focusses on transactional work including mergers, acquisitions, disposals and fundraising. He works with clients to understand their financial substance, and develop financial models to aid with decision making on projects.


Zein has worked with clients across a range of sectors including construction, education, recruitment and substance misuse. His responsibilities have ranged from supporting with due diligence to conducting model reviews on social impact evaluations.

Examples of Recent work

  • Working with an organisation developing an online platform that matches care workers with those in need of care.
  • Performing due diligence on a division of an organisation being purchased. By analysing the division’s historical and forecast financial performance as well as conducting a cost/benefit analysis of the proposed acquisition we enabled the purchaser to assess the risk level of the acquisition.
  • Building a financial model for a client seeking to establish a new centre for psychoanalysis. The financial model helped the client ascertain the level of capital required to purchase and renovate the site for the centre, and to prove the viability of the business model to investors.
  • Analysing the options for structural change for two organisations looking to merge their businesses. Our objective was to help the organisations develop a merged structure, whilst meeting their aim of maintaining the immunities and privileges each organisation enjoy in their individual jurisdictions.
  • Performing a Local Economic Multiplier assessment and advising on the accrued benefit to a local economy from the construction and provision of new social housing.
  • Reviewing impact models developed for solvent misuse charity Re-Solv.
  • Setting up the book keeping system for a newly established charity.

Zein has prior experience of working as a charity fundraiser for Listen, a company which works with some of the largest and most well know charities in the UK. Zein also previously worked as an accounting assistant, where his responsibilities included completing customer’s bank reconciliations and quarterly VAT returns.

Qualifications/Volunteering/Outside Interests

  • University of Essex - BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance (2:1)
  • Joined BWB, 2015
  • Currently studying to become and ICAEW Chartered Accountant

Zein participated in the Orange RockCorps programme where he worked as part of a team to renovate an old children’s playground to create a safer and more enjoyable environment. Outside of work Zein is interested in sport, particularly football which he enjoy both watching and playing. He also loves travelling to new places, meeting new people and discovering new cultures.