Pro Bono

Pro Bono work brings rewards you can’t put a price on.

We encourage everyone here to do pro bono. It’s not just the right thing to do, but deeply rewarding.

But as much as we’d like to, we can’t help everyone. So we try to focus our efforts where we think we can make the biggest difference.

How do we weigh that up?

Broadly speaking, we look at:

  • Whether you can afford to pay – many of our clients are charities and social enterprises doing important work. We focus on helping those who simply can’t pay.
  • Whether there’s another way to pay – in some cases, a conditional fee or “no win-no fee” might be an option.
  • Whether we’re the right firm for the job – we often are, but sometimes we might not have the enough time or the right specialists to do it justice.
  • Whether it’s in the public interest – if the outcome will affect a lot of people or set a new precedent, that carries its own weight.
  • Whether it will kickstart a good cause – if doing some pro bono work will help launch an exciting or worthwhile project towards self-sufficiency, we’ll consider that too.
  • Whether it’s personal to one of us – if one of our people feels a personal connection to a cause, we’re more likely to support it.
  • Whether someone’s referred you – we’re more likely to take on cases that are referred to us by LawWorks or Advocates for International Development. We also offer a free meeting for advice on property law to clients who are referred to us by the Ethical Property Foundation.

How can you request pro bono work?

Please keep in mind that we get a lot of requests for pro bono work. And most of the work we take on is referred by agencies we’ve been working with for a long time. If you’d like to ask for pro bono advice, please fill in the form below, explaining how you meet the criteria we have set out on this page. To learn more about how we’ll use your data, take a look at our privacy notice.

If you’re setting up a charity or social enterprise

You might find these free resources on our Get Legal website useful.

Our pro bono work

Our pro bono initiatives are as varied as the people who work here. Some exciting recent initiatives have included advising Stephen Lloyd Award winners like SafetyNet Technology on getting started, and fighting in the Court of Appeal for workers’ rights for Uber drivers.

If you’d like to learn more about some of our recent pro bono projects, take a look at our Impact report.
We’re a signatory of the Law Society’s Pro Bono Charter. Click here to find out more about the initiative.