We understand the unprecedented issues that the sector has been facing. To aid recovery and build resilience amongst charities we have a range of services to offer.

Our reviews and health checks provide focused support, with a report and route map to guide you towards best practice. Our training gives the opportunity for the trustees and senior management to have a guided discussion about the key legal and regulatory issues affecting your organisation and how to tackle them.

Charity governance: review

We’ll look at governance across your organisation, working with you to map out the areas that are going well and those that need more focus. You might have certain things in mind that you want us to look at. Often a review of the board is a good starting point – looking at its composition, relevant policies and procedures and how any conflicts are managed. An external evaluation of board performance every three years is a requirement for larger charities under the Charity Governance Code. We can use the governance review as an opportunity to fulfil this and more widely assess your organisation’s performance against the Code.

How we can help

We will:

• start by learning more about your organisation by meeting with you

• make a suggestion of what our review could cover and propose the cost

• conduct a desktop audit, reviewing the documents that you send us

• produce a report which will include an action plan with discussion points and recommendations – prioritising areas that need focus now and those that can wait.


Prices for a governance review and report start from £3,500 + VAT.

We’re sensitive to making your budget work– there are areas you’ll be able to work on internally, free resources that we can signpost you to, and we’ll flag where we think you need our help for the follow up work.

Trustee and leadership team development

This bespoke in house training is suitable for all of your trustees: whether in their first trustee role, new to your charity or just in need of a refresher of their duties.

We can work with your executive team or chair to tailor the training to suit your charity’s particular requirements. The training can be held virtually, at your offices or at ours and we can work around your trustees’ availability. The objective of the training is for your trustees to feel confident in their duties and responsibilities and have a good overview of the legal and regulatory requirements of a charity and what good governance looks like in practice.

The session also provides a great opportunity for your board and the executive team to discuss decision making and  whether responsibilities have been appropriately delegated.

How we can help

What we will cover:

• An overview of your charity’s structure

• The role of charity trustees duties and the Charity Governance Code

• Trustees’ liabilities

• Navigating the regulatory environment

• Effective decision making and appropriate delegation

• Current climate for charities and update on key legal issues

• Further sources of information

We are happy to design training that suits your charity.


Prices start from £1,200 + VAT for a two hour training session.

There is no upper limit on the number of people who can attend. However, in order to keep the session practical it is preferable to keep group sizes below 15.

Role of the CEO: health check

When it comes to decision-making responsibilities in charities, the relationship between the board and the CEO can throw up some complex questions.

With charity governance in the spotlight following the Kids Company case, you may be looking for peace of mind about the roles of the CEO and your board. Do you have clarity over the extent of the CEO’s delegated authority? Are board level decisions only made by the trustees and is this explicitly recorded?

Does the board supervise the CEO appropriately? How would others perceive the role of the CEO? This health check is designed for charitable companies and CIOs as a high level assessment of your current arrangements and whether the distinct roles of the board and the CEO are clear.

How we can help

We will review your:

• Governing document to ensure the role of the board and its delegated powers are clear

• Scheme of delegation

• Role specification for trustees

• Board minutes for the last financial year – to assess whether it is clear who is involved in decision-making and how those decisions are recorded

• One key organisational policy: to look at role descriptions and accountability

• The Board’s supervision arrangements for the CEO

And provide a road map towards best practice and governance effectiveness.


Prices start from £2,950 + VAT.

Trading subsidiary: health check

Has it been some time since you set up your trading subsidiary? Does it need reactivating or repurposing?

Are you up to date with the latest guidance around the relationship between charities and non-charities?

Are you making the most of the tax advantages available to your charity?

How we can help

We will:

• discuss your current arrangements and future plans for the trading subsidiary

• guide you through self-assessment of your current arrangements using the Charity Commission’s checklist

• review your results and provide a report, identifying documents which should be in place to govern the relationship between the charity and trading subsidiary, and a roadmap towards best practice and regulatory compliance.


Prices for the above start from £2,450 + VAT. However, we can tailor to your requirements and budget.

Charity Governance Code: health check

The Charity Governance Code is recognised by the Charity Commission as the standard for effective charity governance. Charities are expected to apply, or explain reasons for not applying, the Code.

Boards of larger charities are expected to review their own performance annually with an external evaluation every three years. We can carry out this external evaluation.

How we can help

We will:

• guide you through self-assessment of your current arrangements using our bespoke Governance Code review tool

• review your self-assessment and other key documents to build a gap analysis, identifying of your governance that may require further consideration

• provide a report which includes a road map towards best practice and governance effectiveness.


Prices for the above start from £1,950 + VAT. However, we can tailor to your requirements and budget. In addition we can also provide, if required, an in-depth governance review looking at governance holistically throughout your organisation.

Charity fundraising: review

Individuals donating, corporate partnerships, lotteries, sponsorship, legacies, online shops and gift aid: charities need to raise money to achieve their goals. All of these activities can require the navigation of complex tax issues and regulatory requirements.

We work hard to help charities to stay on the right side of the Charity Commission, the Fundraising Regulator, the Information Commissioner and HMRC. Our advice can make sure that far more money reaches your charity.

How we can help

We can provide:

• an audit of your different income streams and fundraising activities against key regulatory and tax compliance indicators

• a gap analysis and suggested prioritisation of areas to tackle, taking account of the Code of Fundraising Practice and guidance from the Charity Commission, HMRC and other relevant regulators

• a report which includes a roadmap towards compliance and best practice.


Prices for the above start from £2,490 + VAT.

However, we can tailor to your requirements and budget.