Names and brands are a key asset for any charity. But is your protection in this area – trade mark registration and brand monitoring – ready to spring into action? Or could it benefit from an urgent personal training plan?

How we can help

Our team of industry-leading charity-specialist Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys would love to put your brands through their paces. This would include:

  • A detailed UK (and international if required) search to establish what registered trade rights you already have (in the UK or, if necessary and if you ask us to, further afield) – a recurring theme for some of our clients is that important trade mark rights get ‘lost’ over time.
  • A comprehensive comparison of your existing protection against your current brand usages (including your website and any other resources you direct us to, within reason). This would look not just at whether all your brands were registered as trade marks, but whether that cover was optimal or even adequate.
  • A review of any other potential vulnerabilities, such as whether your manner of use of your marks placed them in danger of becoming generic.
  • Advice on policing and enforcing your brand, including how to monitor for potential infringements, and what to say about your rights on web pages and other materials to dissuade would-be copyists from imitating your brands.


We’d be very happy to do all the above for you for the discounted cost of £950 plus VAT. This would include three hours of a mid-level attorney’s time; an hour of partner-level time; and all associated disbursements including any necessary search agency and database fees.