Impact Management

Understand and plan your impact, deliver and improve it.

‘Impact’ means all the outcomes of an organisation’s work – intended and accidental. By understanding it you can operate more sustainably, use resources more effectively, and better engage with stakeholders. 

We work with you to help you work out what impact you want, and then deliver it successfully, monitoring and refining as you go.

We help you to define what you want to achieve, your vision and mission, and understand what positive changes that might deliver. We enable you to turn that into a practical and sustainable business and operational plan.

We work with you to  design an impact-measurement framework to track your progress. We help you to tell others about your impact, by review and report, or by validating your own published figures. 

We guide you on building impact into decision-making, performance management and strategy.

How we help

Understanding and communicating impact is a powerful tool for change. We can help you set all this up from scratch. Or, if you already have a framework and processes, we can review with you your impact maturity, and build a plan to help you develop further.  We want to share your vision of impact, and help you to make it happen.